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Our online store has moved!

Xtags for InDesign is now found at Em Software plugins.

Xtags for QuarkXPress is now found at Em Software XTensions.

Xtags for QuarkXPress and InDesign is a powerful import and export text filter supporting the full Quark XPress Tags language, plus several major enhancements designed for picture-based data publishing, classified ad building, input code conversion, data-driven document layout, and more.

Xtags has been field-proven world-wide at several thousand installations since mid-1992 in demanding, high-volume book, newspaper and data publishing applications, and Xtags is now available for InDesign, as well.

For more information, visit the Xtags product page.

NB: Xtags is only sold as an electronic downloadable package. When we process your order, we will email you your license code, which you supply to the downloaded copy when it first starts up (you can run it in demo mode until you receive your license).

To download the electronic package, visit the Xtags product page and see either the "Xtags for InDesign" or the "Xtags for QuarkXPress" sidebar.

Before ordering any item, be sure to select your platform (MacOS or Windows).

For higher n-pack pricing see our Part Numbers and Prices.

1-pack Xtags for XPress
1-pack Xtags for XPress

1-pack Xtags for XPress upgrade

5-pack Xtags for XPress

5-pack Xtags for XPress upgrade

10-pack Xtags for XPress

10-pack Xtags for XPress upgrade

1-pack Xtags for InDesign
1-pack Xtags for InDesign

1-pack Xtags for InDesign upgrade

5-pack Xtags for InDesign

5-pack Xtags for InDesign upgrade

10-pack Xtags for InDesign

10-pack Xtags for InDesign upgrade